8 Forgotten No Limit Records Artists

8 Forgotten No Limit Records Artists

At one time, Master P sold records…A LOT OF RECORDS. And most of the time, the sales came from artists no one outside of the southern Hip-Hop market had heard of (and in some cases, even people in the southern Hip-Hop market didn’t know who these artists were). During the reign of No Limit, for every Mystikal and Silkk The Shocker there was a Mercedes and Mo B. Dick.

But what happened to the less well known members of No Limit Records? Here are 8 Forgotten No Limit Records artists.


Big Ed released his No Limit Records debut album, “The Assassin”, on September 1, 1998:

Ed left No Limit in 2000 to start his own label Special Forces Records where he released two albums. Sadly, Big Ed passed away in August 2001 of cancer.

2. GHETTO COMMISSION (Doleau, Deuce Holloway, G-Spade, Valerio)

Ghetto Commission’s first and only No Limit album was released on November 18, 1998:

The album reached #59 on the Billboard 200. The group then pretty much vanished although word is they are still recording together. Sidebar: Their track “Soldier” is pretty dope…although must have blown the WHOLE budget on that video.

3. PRIME SUSPECTS (E, Skinew, Gangsta T)

Prime Suspects was fortunate enough to appear on Master P’s classic (yeah I said it) “Ghetto D” album. The group released its debut “Guilty Til Proven Innocent” in late ’98:

The group broke up shortly after the release of the album although they got back together for the 2007 album “Till Death Do Us Part.” Sidebar: Was Mystikal on every No Limit song back in the day?


One of the original Soldiers, Ric released his debut album “Deep N tha Game” in 1995:

Shortly after the release of his debut, Lil’ Ric left No Limit and signed with Noo Trybe. Ric’s last album was released in 2002.


Believe it or not, Krazy is still signed with Master P after first connecting with No Limit in 2000. Krazy is currently signed with Master P’s No Limit Forever label. Due to Krazy’s attempts to be a Tupac sound-a-like, bootleggers used to release his albums/mixtapes and say they were 2Pac/Makaveli unreleased mixtapes/albums. Krazy’s first and last (thus far) No Limit album, “Breather Life”, was released via subsidiary label Soulja Army Records on August 7, 2001:


Master P signed Lil’ Italy to No Limit in 1998. Lil’ Italy’s debut album “On Top of Da World” was released August 3, 1999:

Hey, at least Italy got Snoop on the album…that’s an accomplishment, right?

Sales were so bad, Italy was dropped from No Limit shortly after the album’s release. Do you have any idea how few albums you would have had to sell to get dropped from No Limit back in ’99?


I can’t even understand what this guy is saying…straight marbles in the mouth status. Full Blooded releases his one and only No Limit album, “Memorial Day”, on December 1, 1998 (which makes sense since the album was called “Memorial Day”…hello, marketing department?):

Full Blooded left No Limit shortly after releasing his debut album. He dropped an indie album called “Untamed” in 2001 and then promptly disappeared…and then my ears were happy.


Want proof that Master P sold a lot of “shit on a disc” back in the day? Somehow, the Gambino Family’s debut album “Ghetto Organized” reached #17 on the Billboard Top 200 when it was released on October 20, 1998:

Classic Pen and Pixel right there. After releasing their debut, the entire group disappeared and hasn’t been heard from since.

Source: 8 Forgotten No Limit Records Artists – broken cool.

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