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Welcome to the Getty Down Radio Nation (GDRNation) Candy Club. We only have a couple of rules in the Candy Club:  1. No Hating in the Nation! We refrain from hate towards anything or anyone, so save your negative comments for yourself.  2. Be yourself, this is one big family. Submit your best selfies or photoshoot images, and wait for the feedback from the GDR Nation.  Now that we have got that out the way, Check out some of the most beautiful and handsome people around the world on GDR Candy. Getty Down Radio has scoured earth to appease your sweet tooth. Join the GDR Nation CandyClub. Submit your best photos to Comment and like your favorite photos. Models with the most like posts get the opportunity to be in the next AMPS Magazine Phoenix Issue!!!! Submit your photos now!!!! #GDRNATION #CandyClub

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Send us your best images and videos to win a chance to be in the next issue of AMPS Magazine Phoenix!!!

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